Monday, July 15, 2024


4page-img1The Global Immigrant Fund is an allocated fund under the Immigrant Investor Program, which is administered by Citizenship and immigration agencies for specific specific countries. The program provides an opportunity for experienced business persons to immigrate to another coutnry after depositing a prescribed sum of money with the designated agency director for Citizenship and Immigration.

Our Mission

The Global Immigrant Fund will provide the means for qualified individuals who desire to place funds for immigrant investment in countries globally. We match your requirements and funs with the investment facilities that will provide stable and guaranteed results..

Why Apply?

Our trained representatives are available to assist you in achieving your immigration through investment goals.
• Knowledge of Funds
• Experience
• Successful record for our clients
• Global resource partnerships
• Chosen strategic partner of governments


How to Apply!

You can apply through our affiliate resource World Immigration Forum who will set up your file with your completed application and contact you to finalize the investment strategy that you require.
Take a few minutes and fill out an application and we will be happy to have a local representative contact you to begin your journey to immigration through investment strategies globally.

Register and begin your Assessment process today.