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welcomeThe insurance is a fixed coverage plan for new immigrants to other countries that are not eligible for domestic health coverage or national coverage for property, life and valuables. Inbound immigrants insurance can be purchased initially from 1 year to 3 years. If you purchase online, you can renew for an extension of up to 5 years.

Our Offer

We offer our clients the ability to purchase insurance for travel, valuables, property, medical, and life. To obtain information on concierge level packages that will be part of your immigration services, please register with us. You can contact us through our application form submission, and a representative will contact you to discuss a full package of services.

How We Do It

Your journey to your chosen destination should not be more stressful than necessary. Global Immigrant Insurance can show you how to alleviate the stress of uncertainity for unforseen misadventures while you begin your new life in your new country. Register today and speak with us to find out how simply we have customized our concierge level packages for our clients.

How to Apply!

You can apply through our affiliate resource World Immigration Forum who will set up your file with your completed application and contact you to finalize the investment strategy that you require.

Take a few minutes and fill out an application and we will be happy to have a local representative contact you to begin your journey to immigration through investment strategies globally.

Register and begin your Assessment process today.