Monday, July 15, 2024

CHINA: The Swiss China Association

We are welcoming an exclusive group to our membership services. The Swiss China Association has begun to sign its new members and Global Immigrant Group will be jointly filing their petition for normalizing their immigration status.

The group will share in select exclusive membership services
that we offer. Their Association President and Director, Chen
Feng, has negotiated a group volume enhancement for
services. We have enjoyed bringing this distinguished group
into our member services and look forward to a successful

Congratulations, you are now on your way to a peaceful residency experience!

Warm Regards,
Mikhael JS Mezrahi
His Excellency & President

我们欢迎成为我们会员服务的专属团体。瑞士中国协会已经开始签署新成员,全球移民集团将联合提交他们的移民身份正常化申请。 该小组将分享精选的独家会员服务 我们提供的。他们的协会会长兼主任陈 冯,已经谈判了一个集团的增量 服务。我们很高兴带来这个杰出的团体 进入我们的会员服务,期待成功 旅程! 恭喜,您现在正在前往宁静的居住体验! 温暖的问候, Mikhael JS Mezrahi 阁下和总统